Welcome to another trip to India! When I was there, I ate a ton of food. All of my family members were happy to feed me, and between the amazing home cooking, and the delicious food available on every street corner, it's almost a miracle that I didn't pack on pounds.

I am, generally, pretty picky about my food. I waver between being vegan and vegetarian, and I'm usually pretty careful about ingredients I allow in my kitchen. But, like everyone else, I have a fatal flaw and it's this; I love street food.

I know that someone involved didn't wash their hands, I know that the ingredients aren't always top notch, I know that the fat, salt, and sugar content is probably WAY higher than anything I should be consuming. But I don't particularly care.

In India a "gaadi" is a vehicle, and "chaat" is street food that has fresh vegetable, puffed rice, sweet and spicy sauces, and some fried components. So "gaadi chaat" is street food you get out of a flat bed cart.

In Bangalore, there's a street people refer to as "chaat street," and the street is lined with street food vendors. One end has a bakery, and the other end (the end I like to start on) has a few fruit carts, and one "corn" cart. I usually get my corn spiced with salt and chili, and mixed with raw, unripe mangoes (delicious!)

imagine yummy food here, cuz you're missing it!

Then it's time for Masala Chaat! This is one of my absolute favorites; it features a thick, spicy lentil soup layered atop crispy, crackly puris (indian "chips" and under sweet and spicy chutney, some fresh onion and cilantro, and a sprinkle of "chaat masala."

It's The Chaat Shop!

Next up: Gobi Manchurian. Cauliflower dipped in dough and deep fried, then dredged in fresh onion and cilantro, and delicious, spicy, tomato-ey garlic-y sauces.

This is the Gobi Manchurian man! He also makes noodles. He is obviously supremely talented.

Now that you're ALMOST too full (because you've eaten your way down the street) it's time for dessert! There's a bakery you can step into, vendors with all kinds of sweets and shaved ice, and (my personal favorite) Mango Kulfi!

Go to bed. It's been a long day, and you're long overdue for a satisfying food coma.