Spring break baby! As of Friday, I am SORT OF on spring break. While I have an assignment due tomorrow that I am still working on, I've been in California visiting Sumu since Friday!

While I've buckled down a bit today, Sumu and I spent all of yesterday and this morning running around San Francisco and nearby beaches.

The soundtrack to our trip?

We started off our day at Land's End Recreation Area, which was hands down my favorite part of the trip so far. We parked, and it was about a mile walk to the beach. The entire area was insanely picturesque, and I was half convinced that we had stepped out of San Francisco and into a Lord of the Rings movie.

From there, we went to get brunch, before heading to Valencia St. to look at street art, before heading to Dolores Park. On the way, we passed the The Women's Building, which has one of the coolest murals I've ever seen on it - if you find yourself in SF, definitely head over there. It's a celebration of women, and it's totally gorgeous.

After that, we went to Dolores Park and visited the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset!

Today, we woke up bright and early and headed to Capitola and Natural Bridges State Beach. We wandered around the beach for a while before getting ourselves to our favorite meal: brunch.

This place was pretty small, but really cute, and had excellent brunch options. I ordered Gallo Pinto, which was described on the menu as a Costa Rican dish.

I liked my dish a lot; the plantains, rice, egg, and sauce went really well together, and I found myself clearing my plate!

Sumu got the Veggie Cocota, with was veggies and poached eggs covered in a Cocota sauce. Research indicates that Cocota is a neighborhood in Brasil, although I can't speak to the authenticity of the sauce. Either way, it was pretty good; the sauce is quite strong, and while I thought it was delicious, it was a bit much for brunch.

Either way, definitely worth a visit. If you're in Santa Cruz, definitely head over; they also have fresh juice that's perfect for taking with you to the beach!