I know I know this week I'm kind of skimping out! I have been rushing to get my week's work done by yesterday so that I can be ready to fully enjoy Coachella this year! I am currently on my way there and unbelievably excited! I will report back next week with all the food and excitement!

I had made these Cinnamon buns a while back when I used to make treats for my coworkers (unfortunately it's been some time since I've done that). I didn't really experiment too much, more or less made the recipe verbatim. I found this recipe for simple and quick whole wheat mini cinnamon buns.

My chief complaint with this recipe is the fact that whole wheat gives it a whole different and drier texture. Personally if I were to remake these, I'd just use normal flour and make smaller size cinnamon buns. They're tiny anyways so we can splurge on the flour ;)

Let me know what you think!!