So if you hadn't already seen, I EPICALLY failed at making macarons this past weekend.

This just made me all the more determined to get them right. And so began the journey to successfully make this adorable French delicacy.

Trial 2

As you can tell by the song, I FINALLY DID IT!

**pats self on back**

Well better at least! :P

Turns out all I did wrong was not be patient enough and fail at making the meringue. If I had beaten the eggs longer to a more frothy froth, then the batter would have turned out more solid, WHICH in turn would have not allowed the batter to spill all over the baking sheet.

You can't blame me for not making perfect macarons... I'm not THAT patient.

Trial 3

Honestly, this batch still bothered me a lot. It I guess technically was macarons but i wasn't able to get the perfect bubble shape. I was determined to perfect this recipe!


So I set out to make batch 3. This time I let the egg whites "age" for a few days before using them. And I decided that I would try to be patient and actually wait for the meringue to be COMPLETELY done. I had gotten closer last time but not enough.

What basically followed was me obsessively watching videos on how to make the perfect macarons. (I've provided some of those links here) My cousin literally thought I was insane because I watched videos for a good hour (okay maybe it was actually 2 hours... don't judge me).

There are also TONS of other videos on youtube but let's be honest here... how many of you will actually be attempting to make these. If you're REALLY that interested let me know.

This time, they managed to somewhat retain their poofy-ness.


But honestly, even while using an electric beater, it took me like 30 minutes to get the "meringue" to a decent level... and it wasn't even done yet. WAY too much effort in my opinion.

However, they were quite tasty. Nicely crunchy yet light. We slathered some peanut butter and munched on a few macaron, or I guess in my case macaron-adjacents.

(Yes yes I know I spelled it wrong... I got so excited that I had finally ALMOST achieved macarons that I didn't even realize it until just now)